We have been doing catering in the area for the last 3 years. We can treat you and spoil you with some delicious food while you are enjoying your holiday. Coffee, tea, milk and sugar with cereal and biscuits are supplied in the morning. Breakfast where you would like it. If you are on the beach we will deliver it to you on the beach at 10h00. For the fisherman we will pack you a boatpack to take on the boat and enjoy. If you would like to have breakfast in the camp we will serve it there for you. Dinner will be served at 19h00 in the camp. Catering must please be booked and paid in advance.


Breakfast Menu

Beachpacks or boatpacks includes burgers or toasted sandwiches.
A soda and yogurth.
Fruit and snacks for later.


Breakfast at the camp

English Breakfast with Bacon and Eggs, toast, fruit, muffins and juice.
Boerewors, pap and sauce with fruit and juice.
And much more.


Dinner Menu

Braaivleis, pap and sauce with salads and homemade bread.
Lasagne with salads and bread.
Stovie Kos that includes roast with rice, baked potato and veggies with salad and pudding.
Curry and Rice.
Chicken dishes and much more.


Rates for catering

R190 per person per day.
Price includes your coffee, cereal, biscuits, breakfast and dinner.